Channel One is the recognized leader of the Russian television, the most popular and beloved Russian-language channel in the world.

Channel One’s daily programs include the best entertainment shows, latest news and analytics, the hottest film and TV premieres, unique documentaries, exclusive sports broadcasts and popular Russian music.

Winner of numerous international television awards, Channel One combines innovative television broadcasting concepts, the richest national traditions and cutting-edge global trends in a unique format. Quick, exact information, large-scale film making and original programming make Channel One a trend-setter of television broadcasting quality around the world, and number one in popularity among viewers and leading advertisers.

Channel One closely follows the constantly changing needs of the viewing audience.

The mission of Channel One is to always be Number One and provide millions of people around the world with a first-class Russian TV product.


In 2005, Channel One Worldwide Network created an entirely new themed broadcasting project for Russia - Digital TV family. We were the first of the major Russian television companies to start working with the so-called off-the-air broadcasting, creating separate cable and satellite TV channels in several directions at once.

In July 2015, a new multi-channel broadcasting complex was introduced in the Channel One Russia Worldwide network broadcast area, that allows all versions to be broadcast in HD.

Today, Digital TV family includes ten TV channels: Dom Kino, Vremya, Telecafe, Dom Kino Premium, Music One TV, Bober, O!, Poekhali, Pobeda, Katyusha.

TV channels of Digital TV family are available to viewers in Russia, the CIS, Israel, North America, the Baltic countries, Europe, Asia.


The educational channel for kids

O! is a channel created together with kids. A unique discovery island for preschoolers, elementary school students and their parents.

The channel includes the best educational programs of its own production and cartoons that will make sure the child’s time spent in front of a TV is not only pleasant but also useful. The content developed together with consulting psychologists arouses children’s curiosity in exploring the world around them.

The TV channel is targeted at little dreamers, experimenters and explorers. Discoveries begin with O!


The channel of adventure, travel and the people passionate about their homeland

Poekhali! TV channel is meant to inspire the adventures.

The channel’s programming is aimed at not just presenting a variety of ways to spend an exciting vacation or weekend, but also showing how to get extraordinary positive emotions not so far from home.

The TV channel objective is to present Russia with all its multinational flavor, to reach the most remote corners of our country, to tell about amazing people and things, to show what the audience might not have heard or seen before.

Dom Kino

Universal source of emotions

The legendary Russian cinema channel has a unique collection of Russian films with more than 3,500 hours of content which is constantly replenished.

Daily on the air are the best Russian movies of the past century: from the "Golden Fund" of Mosfilm Studio up to modern-day Russian cinema.

Everyday in the "Evening together" — three films in a row, chosen with love for family viewing.

Dom Kino is a multiple winner of prestigious national awards.

The channel is available in Russian in Eastern and Western Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia.

Dom Kino Premium

The film and tv series channel with a premium collection of ad-free russian contetn in HD.

Dom Kino Premium is a collection of premium content, series and films released in the last three years. Russian cinema world TV premiers — action-packed blockbusters, funniest comedies and exciting series of Russian production, as well as exclusive interviews with movie and TV stars, special events and viewings.


Among new projects, there is a fun encyclopedia of cooking failures or the secrets to success of how to become a popular food blogger , the TV host of which is famous blogger and model Elena Sazhina.

Hot Pig project - where a piglet is not the main dish on the table, but a new charismatic host. We firmly state that it was the most rigorous audition on the national television!

How to pass a pleasant evening with your bestest buddy - the fridge, you will learn from the new program Nochnoy Dozhor. The show’s host Anton Arens and his fridge will tell you which delicious dish to cook at bedtime.

Also, viewers will meet the heroes of the project Pozhirateli, where in addition to the hosts listed above, you will meet with new super heroes performed by popular actors Filipp Blednyi and Pavel Rassomakhin.

Along with the change of the logo and the general style of the TV channel, new cross-program elements have appeared: bright, juicy fruits and vegetables came to the life on the screen, viewers can watch funny stories from their lives in the oven and the fridge.

The updated Telecafe is a fairy show of taste and the territory of fun, a fascinating channel with a culinary accent, a fun and tasty guide to life!

Watching the new Telecafe is delicious. Fun. And healthy!


We document the time

Vremya is a TV channel on the outstanding people and events.

Together with the authors, hosts and characters of documentaries, talk-shows, the viewers travel to the past and future, come back to the present and feel themselves at the shoulder of history.

On the air — ups and downs of our contemporaries and legendary people from the past. First-hand history: memories, interviews and monologues, emotions and experience of the participants and witnesses.

Rare archive footage, unique investigations and movies shot by the famous journalists: Vladimir Pozner, Leonid Parfenov, Fiokla Tolstaya, Alexander Pimanov, Sergey Medvedev and many others.

Muzika Pervogo

More than music

Music One TV (Muzyka Pervogo) talks with young viewers in their language. The channel’s mission is to keep in touch with the mood of the audience during the day and be together with them both on air and online. The channel’s editorial board is staffed with young journalists whose average age is 20 years.

The channel’s lively projects include the “Muesli" breakfast show project, the daily music chat “HitMix", carefully selected tracks in the evening “Pre-party" program, and every weekend concerts broadcast and the sketch show "Music One Parade".