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АО "Channel One. Worldwide Network"

In 1995, Channel One, the largest and most influential TV channel in Russian in the world, began international broadcasting. International versions of Channel One are available in the countries of CIS, Europe, Asia, America, Australia and wherever is a demand for high quality television in Russian language. The ultra-modern broadcasting complex broadcasts to 190 countries, taking into account different time zones, so that viewers can watch their favorite shows at the usual time anywhere in the world. Thanks to Channel One, more than 250 million Russian-speaking viewers around the world can promptly find out about what is happening in Russia and get acquainted with the Russian view of major events.

Today "Channel One. Worldwide Network" generates and distributes its adapted versions and themed channels for viewers in Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East, Transcaucasia and Australia. Furthermore, Channel One manages the federal Carousel channel for children through Channel One.

Inclusive of the thematic projects and versions in the regions of the planet, Channel One.Worldwide Network currently runs 18 around-the-clock channels including those in high definition format from the modern broadcasting complex.



In 2005, Channel One Worldwide Network created an entirely new themed broadcasting project for Russia - Digital TV family. We were the first of the major Russian television companies to start working with the so-called off-the-air broadcasting, creating separate cable and satellite TV channels in several directions at once.

In July 2015, a new multi-channel broadcasting complex was introduced in the Channel One Russia Worldwide network broadcast area, that allows all versions to be broadcast in HD.

Today, Digital TV family includes ten TV channels: Dom Kino, Vremya, Telecafe, Dom Kino Premium, Music One TV, Bober, O!, Poekhali, Pobeda, Katyusha.

TV channels of Digital TV family are available to viewers in Russia, the CIS, Israel, North America, the Baltic countries, Europe, Asia.


New IT Venture (NITV) provides next-generation television services, including OTT, IPTV streaming and a cloud platform for the needs of TV channels, operators, hotels and content distributors. As the world leader in video streaming, distribution and content monetization, the company was the first to introduce the OTT IPTV solution to foreigners living in South-East Asia. NITV provides linear and VOD content to any device connected to the Internet, extends the range of media company services and exceeds the expectations of viewers around the world introducing revolutionary interactive technologies. .

Otrum provides hotels with system integration services on various platforms, including television, electronic indicators and smart devices. 100% of Otrum is owned by the Telenor Group company and it works with a network of strategic partners in the EMEA and Central Asia regions. For further information on the company, please visit

SAWA Media, founded in 2011, administers 24-hour HD TV channels, deals with strategic acquiring of American, European and Arabic content, distribution of programs via IPTV, satellite, OTT and multiscreen system.

The overall profound know-how of the SAWA Media team has been updated and improved due to many years of management experience, as well as it plays one of the leading roles among the world’s leading broadcasters and media companies in the Middle East.

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